Who are these guys?

The inspiration for the name 3Brothers? Our middle brother who has set the bar high in our lives leaving a legacy of Respect and admiration by many. Gustavo  Artioli Borba(Gu), who lived life to the fullest.

'With your mind power, your determination, your instintic, and the expecience as well, you can fly very high.'

- A. Senna.

About us



We are Coffee Hunters, Exporters, Importers and Distributors of some of the most exquisite and unique Estate Coffees. These coffees are carefully and directly selected by us from the best and most consistent growers, those whom make coffee their true passion. Our selection takes into consideration the final quality of the beans and how it was treated every single step in its processing stages, making sure that the consistency will be always delivered. We believe in the sustainable model which cares and respects the communities as well as the environment. This is the reason why we, and our partner farms execute everything with the utmost care and dedication. 3Brothers Coffee is the translation of a truly passionate vision into an exciting project, which we are proud to share with you.


Full time at Origin

Thiago Borba is our Q Grader and Quality Assurance arm in Brasil. Thiago has a bachelor degree in Agronomics from the State University of Maringa, in Parana, Brazil. Also, has a post-graduation in International Business at Paulista University in Sao Paulo. Thiago also have worked in the Agribusiness sector for several years holding extensive knowledge of the industry which is key to select the best regions and estates amongst thousands of farms spread around Brasil. Thiago is also the Brasilian based arm of this company, responsible for maintaining the relationship with farms, Cooperatives and other organizations.


Brasil and Coffee

When we talk about coffee it is almost impossible not to mention Brasil, the world’s largest producer and exporter of this produce. With ideal climate and very rich soil in its vast land, Brasil and coffee have a very long lasting relationship. Brasil leads the way when it comes to coffee production, associated with consistency. There are over 300, 000 coffee growers spread along the entire country. But, amongst those astronomic numbers, there are the small growers that have their land situated in amazing coffee terroir, with perfect climate conditions and exceptional location. Those and other characteristics are responsible for creating the perfect environment for growing the most exquisite species of Coffea Arabica, as if that was the place they were meant to exist. The result is an authentic and unique selection. 


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