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Drone by @artisaeris - Photography and Post Production by @fromterra - All Copyrights reserved to 3Brothers Australia Pty Ltd. 

Sustainability &Social 


We focus on producers who are looking at better practices, work safety, providing the right conditions to their workers and communities to thrive. Kids are mean to be studying and playing. Nature also must be preserved and looked after.

Our selection of farms include large areas of fauna and flora preservation and they are surrounded by vast Atlantic rain forests, which those estates are committed to preserving. The freshwater that surrounds the entire coffee growing area is natural spring water, which is analysed on an ongoing basis, benefiting the local and broader communities. It is also used for the production and process of the coffees. Our selected estates provide schools, transport, health and Dental care as well as a social hub including a soccer field. All coffees are hand picked which means that when it is harvest season, hundreds of jobs are generated for the local and broader communities.