Our Coffees are carefully selected directly from the best producers, truly passionate and focused on innovative processing methods and improving quality. We include the Farmers into the conversation and the understanding of the Lexicon of Specialty Coffee and the monetary evaluation of their produce based on Quality with long term vision.

Farmers who Care about their Communities and the Environment.

What makes us stand out from the crowd:


We were born from and into the Specialty Coffee Environment. from the passion for amazing coffee. We wanted to make a difference to the people producing it and to those who appreciate quality and full traceable produce. Our mission is to find and develop the most consistent coffees supporting the Better Trade model so when you are buying our coffees you can sit back and relax knowing that you are contributing to something good for a whole bunch of people, including your customers and your brand.

We are deeply involved in the entire process of coffee production, from sourcing the best coffees to managing the logistics from remote areas in Brazil directly to your door in Australia.


 Exclusive Micro Lots 

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